In-depth review of the online divorce forms service provided by Online Divorce Services Review

Potential Downfalls

A big downfall that several people have noted with it the minimal amount of editing that a user can do. As stated in the site guidelines, you get around 30 days to make an adjustments with the divorce forms. Couple that downfall with a turnaround time of 5 to 7 business days, we have reviewed this site behind, and far behind and, both who allow unlimited revisions.

Another downfall is that relies on paper delivery and standard mail, while the other sites on our website allow users to download and use electronic files. This alone is a big hurdle to get by when it comes to convenience and simplicity.

Also, it doesn’t seem that LegalZoom offer services to all states in the U.S., as other sites do.

With all that said, LegalZoom does have a large amount of happy and loyal customers, a BBB rating of A+ and several people who endorse their legal services. and still seem to offer much better service with the dedicated case manager benefit, but does provide great customer support and gives quality service considering they are still competing with the other online services. This puts them ahead of

In Conclusion

The big selling point with is the fact they have attorney support. With that said, there quite a few other sites that offer the same, along with more benefits and services, but at nearly half the price. If you are deciding between hiring an attorney or going with LegalZoom, and your case is not complicated, LegalZoom is still a much better option. Just make sure to look at other do-it-yourself online divorce services if that’s the route you are going to go.


As it continues to become a more common name, offers a quality service for those who are looking for a do-it-yourself online divorce service. It was founded by attorneys who wanted to offer a simple divorce service at your fingertips.

A good quality with this site is they allow a user to complete a free registration and qualification form to make sure a DIY divorce is the right option for their situation. They provide several tools that a user can utilize to determine the right settlement, such as co-parenting plans, alimony calculators, and child support calculators. Having attorney support and a quality service is definitely a plus.

With all these benefits, the price tag of $299 may be more reasonable than a site like This doesn’t mean it is the better option, and we recommend you look into all site we have reviewed on our website before making a final decision.