DivorceWriter.com Reviews

In-depth review of the online divorce forms service provided by DivorceWriter.com

DivorceWriter.com Online Divorce Services Review

The Main Objective

When it comes to a nice site layout and easy to navigate , DivorceWriter.com does not compare to MyDivorcePapers.com, iDivorceForms.com, LegalZoom.com, and CompleteCase.com. The main objective of DivorceWriter is to provide their users with the required tools that’s needed to complete an online divorce. Regarding the quality of service and support, they have received a few complaints on their Better Business Bureau reports. The good thing we noticed with that is that for every complaint, they immediately solved the problems for the customer. There are several calculators on their site that allow you to figure out some of the most difficult, but very important, questions, such as child support costs and how much alimony is reasonable.

Co-parenting can have a major impact on a child’s life. With that said, a feature that is offered here are parenting plans and tips to put in place so it is a smooth process. This is another attribute that is found on MyDivorcePapers.com.

Potential Downfalls

Although DivorceWriter.com is not our last pick when it comes to top online divorce websites, it does have a few downfalls that can really complicate the process and make the petitioner and spouse feel like their on their own when trying to file the forms and complete an online divorce.

To begin with, they have not received any type of attorney endorsement status like MyDivorcePapers.com and iDivorceForms.com have gotten. A key benefit with MyDivorcePapers.com is they have a real attorney featured. With DivorceWriter.com, that is not an option, so if you are unsure of something, there won’t be a professional who can help you through and give you peace of mind. They have not been around as long as some of the others and they do not offer your own case manager as an added benefit.

Another thing that we were not impressed by was the price point of $229. Our personal opinion is it’s a little high for the amount of features and benefits offered, but they are actually running a special of $149. if price is a key factor for you, then this does make it more reasonable in regards to price as the other sites.

In Conclusion

DivorceWriter.com is surely a good site if you are looking for forms and tools. But if you need more guidance in this entire divorce process, you might have a harder time getting everything completed since you are not assigned to your own case manager. This is not one of our top 3 choices, but it is still a quality service.

About DivorceWriter.com

DivorceWriter.com is a website ideal for someone who is comfortable doing things more on their own, that offers several tools that you can use to start the first steps in the divorce process.

The first thing they require is for you to fill out a complimentary registration and qualification form that will almost instantaneously let you know if you qualify for a do-it-yourself divorce. As long as you meet their qualification standards, then you can begin the next steps and filling out the necessary forms. They give you detailed instructions for everything, but an attorney is not a benefit they offer.

The instruction they give will walk you through what needs to be completed for each step in the divorce process.