In-depth review of the online divorce forms service provided by Online Divorce Services Review has been a long-standing online divorce site. Since they have been in business for a lengthy amount of time, we have been able to get a good data on their services over the years. Based on the feedback, they provide quality services and are there for their clients.

A great benefit they provide is not only can you file for divorce in every state in the U.S., but you are able to in Canada as well. So far we have not come across any other divorce service than offers that.

Cost: The Significant Downfall

Although when you compare the cost of hiring a lawyer, prevails to be a quite cheaper route with their price of $299. With that said, it it quite a bit more challenge to accept paying that much when there are online sites like (our top selection at No. 1) and (our No. 2 pick) are providing all the same benefits, as well as the added perk of having your own case manager at a price that’s nearly 50% cheaper.

There are also less veteran divorce sites than CompleteCase coming into the marketplace, so it will be interesting to see how they fair in the coming years.

CompleteCase has a mixture of pros and cons, but their strong reputation is quite good, which puts them ahead of If you don’t mind paying at a premium price point, and feel confident filing your divorce forms by yourself due to the fact of not much availability to qualified case managers, then CompleteCase might be a good selection for you to go with.

In Conclusion

Coming in at our No. 3 selection, is a quality recommendation, but the price point for the amount of available services they provide might be a hang up for someone who is just now starting to look around in online divorce services.


With its simple online filing system and forms for all 50 states in the U.S., one would find it difficult not to include as a top online divorce website.

Ranked as our No. 3 pick, you can’t go wrong with their services and the money-back guarantee that is offered. Along with that also is provided detailed instructions of the steps that are necessary to complete the online divorce forms.

There are two options to contact their support center: Phone and Email. Although there is no live chat, their representatives are known to be helpful and accommodating.