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Online divorce reviews of the top sites

Having the ability to use online divorce sites has given users a wide variety of options when it comes to filing for a divorce, rather than having to rely on a divorce lawyer. This is very beneficial when it comes to the cost of online divorce compared to a regular, attorney driven divorce. With that said, the difficult part is searching and choosing which service is the best fit for your situation.

Divorce Forms Comparison Table

At, we have made an easy to understand, side-by-side comparison chart that shows the top 5 online divorce sites we have found after conducting continuous research. For more details, click on the table below for more options and reviews.

  • Divorce Forms

  • Site Reviews
  • Free Registration & Qualification?
  • Complete Forms In Real Time?
  • Support From An Attorney?
  • Instructions To Serve Papers?
  • Calculate Child Support?
  • Calculate Alimony?
  • Detailed Co-Parenting Plans?
  • Change Name For Free?
  • Live Phone & Chat Support?
  • Capable To Fully Edit?
  • Separation, Divorce & Annulment?
  • Total Number Of States Served
  • Customer Support 24/7?
  • Customer Testimonials Verifiable?
  • Types Of Delivery Methods?
  • Provides Divorce, Annulment & Separation?
  • Able to File Forms & Serve Spouse Papers?
  • Type Of Document Format?
  • Approved By Attorney?
  • Rating By Better Business Bureau?
  • Personal Case Manager?
  • Education Videos On Divorce?
  • Support Provided After Divorce Finalized?

  • $159

  • Real Full Review
  • All 50 States plus District of Columbia
  • Instant Download, US Priority Mail, & FedEx
  • PDF
  • A+

  • $149

  • Real Full Review
  • All 50 States plus District of Columbia
  • Instant Download, US Priority Mail, & FedEx
  • PDF
  • A+

TODR Editor’s Selection has been matched up against pretty strong competition like and, but when it comes down to it, it has received our top section for it’s customer support, simplicity of use, and its ongoing research to make sure all related information and forms are at the finger tips of each user. You can read our full review on this excellent service.

How You Can Reduce Your Cost By Purchasing Divorce Forms Online

While making a decision on which option you should decide on with a divorce — lawyer or do-it-yourself— it’s crucial to weigh your options with price and value. Although you will more often find Ferrari services with a lawyer, you will also pay premium prices for it.

You may ask, how much would that type of service cost? If you’re lucky, It can range from $1,295-$4,150. As a divorce like this proceeds on, there may be more conflict or anger with your spouse that wouldn’t have taken place if you had chosen a DIY divorce.

Hiring a divorce lawyer and having them represent you in trial, along with all the court proceedings and paperwork, it may very well cost much more than the above figures we mentioned. But using any of the online services can save you a tremendous amount and heartache at a price between $149 to $299. Also, if your case is very simple and your state allows it, you might not even need an attorney to get involved at all.

While you figure out your best option, you need to assess any problems you and your spouse have with each other, along with reviewing the benefits of every company instead of hiring an attorney.

After all that is completed, you will need to decide on the best service that provides you the necessary required forms, and one that gives a money-back guarantee that everything will be completed and taken care of with ease.

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