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Hawaii Divorce Law Requirements
Divorce Requirements for Hawaii Residents
To qualify for a Hawaii divorce petition, check out the following minimum residency requirements:
1. Either party must have lived in Hawaii for at least six months. … Read More

Understanding Alabama Divorce Laws
Divorce Requirements for Alabama Residents
Either or both parties involved in an Alabama Divorce action must be a resident or residents of Alabama for at least six months before the filing of divorce papers.
Alabama Grounds For Divorce
Both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce or … Read More

Minnesota Divorce Guidelines to File for a Divorce
Divorce Requirements for Minnesota Residents
To file for divorce or dissolution of marriage, as it is called in Minnesota, any of the parties must be a resident of the North Star State for 180 days. The Michigan residency requirement must be satisfied, … Read More

Understanding New York Divorce Laws 
Divorce Requirements for New York Residents
In filing a divorce petition in New York, the parties involved must satisfy one of its residency requirements. Otherwise, the court will find no jurisdiction over the petition.

New York imposes a two-year residency period if only one … Read More

Adultery has often been associated with divorce. In a lot of divorce cases anywhere in the world, adultery is easily seen as one of the biggest culprits. Lately though, some studies suggest that the number of marriages ruined … Read More

Ending a marriage can be very costly and painful if done in a huff, but it can also be economical if planned out well. Estranged couples anticipate a very expensive, long, and stressful divorce process that it makes … Read More

Everybody knows single parenting is tough, especially when you’ve just emerged from a painful divorce. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it can’t be successfully done. If you’re one of those about to pick up the pieces … Read More

Important Vermont Divorce Guidelines to File for a Divorce

Residency Requirements in a Vermont Divorce Petition
As required in filing for divorce in Vermont, either of the spouses must be a resident of the State for at least six months preceding the petition. Before … Read More

Understanding Florida Divorce Laws 
Divorce Requirements for Florida Residents
For a Florida divorce court to process a divorce petition, either the petitioner, the respondent, or both parties have lived in the State of Florida for at least six months prior to filing. Sufficient evidence to prove one’s Florida residency must … Read More

Understanding Delaware Divorce Laws 
Divorce Requirements for Delaware Residents
The petitioner must file the Divorce Forms in the Delaware Family Court where both or either of the spouses has lived for at least six months prior to the filing. For military members, divorce papers may be filed in Delaware if … Read More