In-depth review of the online divorce forms service provided by Online Divorce Services Review

The Main Differences is the top choice we are thrilled to offer you. After a very in depth review, we’ve concluded that MyDivorcePapers is hands-down the best value because it exceeds the do-it-yourself divorce forms and processes, and provides an amazing amount of support, guidance, and knowledge that’s far greater than,, and the majority of all other sites.

The main difference is the ability for a customer to be assigned to their own personal case manager that they are able to speak to whenever they need to by phone or email. All this and more is included at the price of $159.

There are several things we like about this site, but a main point is it’s the only one that puts together legal forms for an online divorce, legal separation, and an annulment.

Also, as an added benefit, this site will file the court documents for you, as well as serve your spouse. We feel this is an extremely big benefit.

We have not found anyone else that offers that. is one of the very few online services that is recommend by lawyers. We feel this is mainly due to the fact of the quality of service, reliable information, and the highly supervised process that takes place. Also, MyDivorcePapers are very clear stating that do-it-yourself divorce is not the right solution for every marriage. Many sites claim they have the best reviews and testimonials, but you can never actually tell if they are real. With this site, all comments and reviews are verified by Certified Comments. The only other site that has verified comments is, but overall falls slightly short. The combination of that, along with everything else that is offered with MyDivorcePaper’s service, it was an easy choice to make this our No. 1 pick for online divorce services. This is your best solution for divorces that have minimal conflict and both spouses are in agreement and have open communication with each other.

On top of all the advantages mentioned, MyDivorcePapers has created an entire database of videos explaining the divorce process and also gives insight on what to do after everything has been finalized. You can find all the videos on their YouTube Channel.

The last thing we alway like to look at when it comes to validity of a company’s service, it how many people like their site and comment on their social media. When writing this review,’s FaceBook fan page has over 28,000 LIKES and continues to grow. This was the final check that really proved to us this is the best service in the online divorce niche.

If you are considering an online divorce, it will be difficult to find a more reliable company to go with.

In Conclusion exceeds the typical support that is offered with automated assistance. They truly invest their time and effort in the client’s well-being, which is apparent with their 1 million+ client base and over 10+ years of service here in the U.S. We give this company 5 stars and highly suggest you go with their service if you are looking to go through with an online divorce, legal separation from your spouse, or an annulment. At just $159, they will finish all the necessary forms, serve your spouse with the divorce papers, and then finish the entire process by filing the paperwork in the court.


In the business of online divorce services, it’s quite hard to stick out far above the competition, but has been able to do exactly that. There are several important factors that has led us to rank it at the top of websites that complete and submit divorce forms. At the time of this review, there are no major shortcomings at all with their service provided.

With a long history and established business since 2002, MyDivorcePapers has provided service to more than 1 million clients by helping them avoid the need to hire an expensive attorney, all along while keeping a high standard of ethics and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Similar to, MDP presents a free registration and qualification form to make sure DIY online divorce is right for you. They are constantly updating their forms and have a very easy process that will show you step-by-step what needs to be done while filling out the paperwork and then organizes the answers into a form that is ready to be printed and filed through the circuit court.